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Aircraft Lease Management

Relaer has extensive Aircraft Lease Management experience having managed 95 aircraft, consisting of 19 different types in 36 airlines, for 11 lessors. 

Aircraft Lease Management consists of protecting an aircraft owner’s asset as well as its value through continued diligent technical management. In using the services of a Lease Manager, owners protect the value of their investment on both a commercial and technical basis. 
Lease Management can begin at any stage of ownership, or aircraft life cycle. Although ideally it should begin before the aircraft is acquired.
In short, the Lease Manager supports the owner by monitoring the systems and components of the aircraft on their behalf, in order to ensure compliance by the operator of its maintenance obligations and thus ensure that the asset maintains its value.

Relaer act as the primary interface for the aircraft owner with the operator concerning all technical related matters, and report data directly to the owner. 


The service consists of, but is not limited to, the following:
Technical support:
  • Aircraft utilisation data recording, 
  • Aircraft utilisation data monitoring, 
  • Aircraft utilisation data validation,
  • Annual Inspection,
  • Physical Aircraft Inspection,
  • Damage and Repair Management,
  • Approvals,
  • Work Package Handling and Records Keeping.
Relaer maintains a continuous relationship with the aircraft operator in order to monitor aircraft operation on behalf of the owner and report any deviations that may affect the proper execution of the Lease Agreement in the operation of the aircraft.
Regular inspections of the aircraft and its records are key to preserving asset value, and Relaer recommends that they be performed on an annual basis. 
Annual Inspections consist of conducting an on-site aircraft inspection in the form of an Aircraft Physical and Records Inspection as per Relaer standard procedures. The check includes a general visual inspection of the aircraft and review of the aircraft records to ensure that proper maintenance processes are followed. 
Financial support:
  • Monthly Maintenance Reserves follow-up,
  • Maintenance Reserves escalation,
  • Maintenance Reserves forecasting,
  • Claim Analysis and Lessee invoicing.
Relaer will ensure the proper follow-up of the Maintenance Reserves (MR) accounts and report monthly on accruals or drawdowns.
Prior to approving drawdowns Relaer will check the invoice against the lease agreement and the definitions of qualifying works to ensure that the claim is reconciled with the contractually agreed compensation.
A list of real examples have shown that out of a total of 74 claims made, Relaer, by performing proper reconciliation and analysis of the claims, has saved $20,000,000 to the lessors.
It is in the aircraft owner’s best interest to have an experienced asset manager to ensure that the long term value of the aircraft is maintained as well as the maintenance reserves properly managed.


Relaer is able to extend the service beyond the standard scope and adjust our package according to Customer requirements.


Optional Aircraft Lease Management services include:
  • Support in drafting the lease contract (return conditions, maintenance reserves).
  • Initial Technical due diligence of Aircraft (pre-purchase inspection).
  • Ad-Hoc specific engineering related questions and support for Aircraft.
  • Aircraft delivery support at the start of the Lease Term (Aircraft Phase-in).
  • Aircraft redelivery support at end of Lease Term (Aircraft Phase-out).
  • Teardown inspections of any Major Component such as APU or Landing Gears.
  • Attendance during Aircraft scheduled maintenance events.
  • Engine Shop Visit Support (work scope review, shop visit oversight, scrap review).