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Maintenance Reserves

The lease agreement is the primary document between the lessor and lessee and is used by the asset manager to ensure that the lessor’s rights are protected. Obtaining effective lease agreement provisions is essential as this provides the basis for the lessor or owner to manage the highest return from its asset whilst on lease.  
Apart from the routine lease rental payments, lease agreements include numerous provisions that require monitoring and some form of action by both parties one of the most important one being the collection and adjustment of Maintenance Reserves. Maintenance Reserves protect the lessor in case of default ensuring that sufficient funds are available for any outstanding maintenance activity. The lessee’s compliance with its maintenance reserves obligations must be monitored such as: 
  • maintenance reserve billing and collection;
  • routine maintenance reserve rate adjustments;
  • major maintenance events subject to reserve collections and reconciliation of associated claims.
Relaer runs a proactive lease administration programme that is integrated with effective technical asset management services helping the owner obtain the highest possible utility and economic return from its assets. 
Relaer will assist the Lessor in establishing the proper maintenance reserve rates based on the claim analysis performed in the past and the data available in the extensive data base which has been built up over the years.
Annual rate adjustments will be performed by Relaer in line with the Lease Agreement as well as current market costs.
Claim analysis is covered under a separate section.

Relaer has over the past 16 years managed more than 65 aircraft and 16 different types at 28 airlines around the world and has therefore built up a solid data base from which proper and sound analysis of Maintenance Reserves can be made.