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Maintenance Reserves Claims Analysis

The lessee’s compliance with its maintenance reserves obligations must be monitored, such as major maintenance events subject to reserve collections and reconciliation of associated claims.
Relaer will analyse the claims made by the Lessee in line with the Lease Agreement and the definitions of Qualifying Work.
Relaer will maintain a close contact with the Lessee in order to ensure that a work scope analysis is performed prior to any maintenance event and will discuss with the Lessee the contents as well as the MRO where the work will take place.  In some cases an MRO has been rejected and the reasons explained to the Lessee due to Relaer’s previous experience.  Relaer will assist the Lessee in finding an alternative MRO with the approval of the Lessor.
The airline’s engineering is generally not aware of all the lease covenants and will submit maintenance reserve claims based on the invoices received from the service provider.  Relaer ensures that the payments made are in line with the lease covenants thus protecting the lessor’s rights.
Claims when submitted will be analysed against the agreed work scope and definitions within the Lease Agreement thus ensuring that any drawdowns from the Maintenance Reserves are within the contractual conditions.

Relaer’s experience in the analysis of hundreds claims over the years ensures that the Lessor’s interest are protected and have resulted in savings of many million dollars.  Please refer to the Fact Sheet entitled ‘Maintenance Reserves’.