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Maintenance Reserves Provision Analysis

Lessor and Lessee alike need to ensure that the Maintenance Reserve rates are well provisioned in a Lease Agreement.
In light of our experience and using the data collected over many years in our data base, Relaer is able to provide the correct maintenance reserve rate provisions.
A forecasting model is used that will anticipate the future events as well as the costs of these to ensure proper provisioning of the reserves.
Relaer will ensure that sufficient provisions have been booked with regards to maintenance events.
Using our in-house forecasting model, we will anticipate required provisions for all major components' maintenance event accounts.
The service is performed with all relative data for the various maintenance events, pricing and history.
Advice will be provided with respect to more cost efficient approaches for maintenance events, as well as a review of variations and analysis of cause. 

A reliable and well tested forecasting model that produced correct prediction of events and drawdowns on a fleet of aircraft, landing gear and engines six years later.