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Following are some of our factsheets providing a brief summary of specific services.

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Reliance Aerospace Solutions SAS

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Aircraft Remarketing

Relaer are contacted by airlines wishing to sell or lease aircraft, and requesting us to identify potential customers. 

Once identified, we advise on the best course of action for completing a succesful agreement. 
Although the aircraft owner will handle all the negotiations,  Relaer assess the conditions of sale or lease to ensure that a suitable deal structure for both parties can be reached. 
The activity involves advice on:
  • Pricing level

Purchase price target, or lease rental and maintenance reserve rates.

  • Delivery

Required delivery dates and closing for the aircraft.


  • Technical 

Technical status and requirements, Delivery Conditions, Return Conditions.


  • Any other specific items requested by Seller or Buyer

Propose financing alternatives which could be of interest to the buyer.

Should the seller wish, Relaer can also perform:
Negotiation for Purchase Agreement or Structured Lease Agreement.
Aircraft Physical and Records inspection.