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Following are some of our factsheets providing a brief summary of specific services.

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Purchase Agreement


Relaer personnel have been involved in Airline and Aircraft contract negotiations since 1983 with the Major Airframe builders (Airbus and Boeing) as well as engine manufacturers (GE, CFM, RR, P&W) and corporate jets (Gulfstream and Bombardier).
We usually get involved from the Letter of Intent stage (LOI) and can assist the Customer on all relevant issues whether these are from airframers or engine manufacturers.
Relaer will assist during the negotiation of a Purchase Agreement by:
  • Reviewing the whole agreement to obtain the best terms achievable in the market,  
  • Protecting customer interests as aircraft buyer, 
  • Ensuring that subsequent aircraft lease transactions will have no restrictions or limitations through the Purchase Agreement,
  • Obtaining best and most suitable production planning and delivery conditions possible.
Relaer will provide an experienced contract negotiator to review the Purchase Agreement with the OEM with particular emphasis on the following non exhaustive list of issues:
  • Technical Documentation
  • Training allocations for flight crew
  • Training allocation for technical personnel
  • Training or familiarisation courses
  • Customer Support Director 
  • Field Service Support
  • Spares support
  • Credit memos for product support
  • Entry into service support for lessees
  • Airbus delivery conditions and factory build standard.
  • Other issues as raised and queried by Customer
Relaer at all times work in the best interest of the Customer to ensure that  queries are properly addressed.